Artist Statement

In the past as an artist I sought to express the feelings and energy generated by the physical spaces, remnants and stories left behind by our predecessors. The derelict and the discarded was something that always inspired the work and I was striven to acknowledge and explore the layers of personal histories along with the fragility of memory. The tangible and less tangible remnants of the past as well as the transient nature of experience was woven into the work.

However in the last few years my concerns have gradually shifted to the nature of the present and the dangerously spiralling materialistic world we now inhabit. And I wonder what future generations will make of our 21st Century remnants.

The deep seated disquiet I feel about the current environmental crisis is now driving my new work which focuses on consumerism and greed, using plastic pollution as an example. Through the work I would like to start a visual conversation which expresses the anxiety and frustration I feel about our throw-away society as I think there is a tendency today for us to feel untouched by the problems of others and to shut down at the immensity of an issue such as climate change.

My large plastic prints and bio resin sculptures offer the viewer an immediate but subtle experience of the reality of plastic pollution. The aim was to achieve abstract floating landscapes of colour which are soothing and beautiful to look at but which, as one is drawn into them, reveal the multiple printed layers of recognisable plastic detritus which choke our seas and shores. My hope was for the duality of this experience to resonate with the viewer and perhaps stay with them long after they have left the exhibition space.

If I can start a visual conversation about society’s obsession with producing more and more glossy throwaway “must have items” which become the toxic floating islands in our seas and fill up our ever growing landfills, then that is a start.

Through the printing process of layering, repeating, adding and omitting form, space, colour and line I create landscapes for protest, for change and mindfulness. Colour is an integral part of my practice, as is drawing and expressive mark making, all of these elements are used together to express and release an energy that emanates feelings of anxiety and also hope in order to start an important discussion and inspire action.